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Capturing Stunning Photos & Video

Photography can make or break a real estate listing so it’s imperative to have high quality, beautiful photographs that showcase your properties to their fullest! With over 80% of all home buyers searching online, a real estate agent’s goal should be to have stunning pictures to grab and hold interest. Professional photographs receive an average of 61% more views compared to poor-quality images, so investing into an expert to capture just the right composition to frame your listing is crucial. Along with photography, I also provide video services that capture the essence of a property and bring the viewer in so they can truly have an interactive experience. See the difference in the HDR photos (High Dynamic Range) versus the normal photos by looking at the before and after photos below!


As you can see in the above photo, by shooting the room in HDR there is a clearly noticeable difference in how vibrant the photograph looks. Take a look at how the wood floors pop and the level of detail in the rest of the room. Even the living room window view is so much more clear with HDR!


The photo above shows the kitchen and living room of this high-rise condo along with the incredible view out of the sliding glass doors. Just look at how much more detail is in the granite countertops and how the lighting is much brighter in the kitchen which makes the beautiful backsplash and wood cabinets visible.

Shooting HDR Photographs

All of the real estate photos I take are always shot in HDR “High Dynamic Range”. This is the format that what produces the most vibrant and detailed photographs for your listings. The beauty of HDR is that it captures 3 separate pictures per scene (normal exposure, over-exposed and under-exposed) and combines all of them into one main photograph. For any property that’s under 3,000 square feet, I provide a minimum of 30 photos in HDR quality for only $175. Check out the before and after photos below and compare the difference between normal photos and HDR photos!


In the bathroom photo above you can see how much more detail comes through in the granite countertops, textured walls and the gorgeous tiled walls in the walk-in shower. The goal of real estate photos is to “wow” your potential clients when listing a property and to make anyone who is interested in buying your property absolutely impressed by the quality of craftsmanship that the property provides.


The kitchen photo above is a perfect example of how a photography technique like HDR can make a space look truly stunning. The elegant wood cabinets, hardwood floors, granite countertops and even the stainless steel refrigerator are so crisp and detailed that it truly does justice to this magnificent space.

Aerial Drone Photography

Aerial drone photography is the best solution to showcase every aspect of a property. Whether you have a waterfront home or one on a large lot with a pool or other special features that make your property unique, capturing aerial photos is the key to make it stand out from the crowd. Drone photos are also great to feature updates to the property like a new roof which makes a big impact on prospective buyers.

Aerial Drone Videos

Creating a custom aerial drone video of a property really sets you apart from the competition and takes your listing to the next level! As a Zillow Certified Photographer, TPA Photos can create a custom Zillow walkthrough video for your listing which will get featured above other listings when buyers search for properties in the area. This is what makes Zillow walkthrough videos a must for each property you list to get maximum exposure to buyers who are searching on Zillow. You can review a few samples of our aerial drone video projects below:

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