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Competitive Pricing

My normal pricing is $175 per property (under 3,000 sq/ft) and this photography package includes a minimum of 30 HDR photos (High Dynamic Range) that are shot with a wide angle lens that captures extremely detailed pictures for both the interior and exterior of the property. If you have a property that is larger than 3,000 sq/ft then I will provide a custom quote for you. You also have the option to add a custom video to your property, and if you choose to bundle both services, I provide a $50 discount for the photo/video package (total price of $300).


HDR Photographs

HDR (High Dynamic Range) is the format of choice for capturing incredibly vibrant photographs of your property. It’s really amazing how much more detail comes out of hard wood floors, cabinets, tile and textured walls when using this high definition format. Take a look at the HDR before and after photos to see the difference!


Wide Angle Lens

Using a wide angle lens is a must when doing real estate photography since this format is able to showcase every aspect of the interior, even in the smallest of rooms. The last thing you want is to have aspects of your beautiful bathroom or other compact room completely cutoff by using a normal lens. I use a high-end Canon 10mm wide angle lens that truly showcases every space in the property to its fullest!

Professional Real Estate Videos

My video package pricing is $175 for each property under 3,000 square feet. This includes a walkthrough video of each room in the house that is professionally edited with sound. If you would like a custom video with your photo and name embedded into the video, the price is $250. You also have the option of being in the video yourself and doing a walkthrough of the property while explaining the different features and benefits of the property. This package will include professional audio (using a lavalier microphone) along with complete custom branding of yourself into the video. This is a very popular option for those agents who want the most professional and polished product to show their clients. The total price for the premiere agent video package is $399. I provide discounts for all agents who want to bundle both the photography and video services together. The most popular bundled package costs $300 per property and this includes the HDR photography (minimum 30 photos) and the basic video package (savings of $50).


Having professional video for your property sets yourself apart from most other agents and it’s an excellent marketing tool to use during listing appointments. Sellers want to know what types of things you will be doing differently and letting them know that you will be creating a professional photography and video package for their property will certainly impress them and help you secure that listing!

Stunning Real Estate Photography

It’s time to take your listings to the next level with exceptional high definition photos that make your properties stand out from the crowd!